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Wooden Clipboard for Restaurants

The question that concerns every bar, cafe, and restaurant owner is how to attract additional foot traffic to their establishment. The current solution to this situation is a wooden clipboard. These products are used to inform potential customers and visitors about interesting promotions, discounts, gifts, unique new items, etc. Menu boards will become a splendid addition and highlight to your restaurant's interior.

Manufacturing Restaurant Menu Boards

Buy restaurant menu boards.

Our production offers restaurant menu boards, chalkboard stands, chalk price tags manufacturing, chalkboard menu signs of any format.

You can always order cafe, bar, or restaurant menu boards from us. Custom-sized chalkboard signs can also be ordered from us. Any size of chalkboard can be ordered without a frame.

It is recommended to place restaurant menu boards in the most visible spot. If the space allows, it's better to use several chalkboard stands at once.

The color of the chalkboard menu boards should be chosen to match the furniture.

Restaurant menu boards in the interior.

Ordering restaurant menu boards is easy and straightforward. We have ready standard chalkboard stands and hanging menu boards for chalk available in stock for cafes, so you can always order them from us!

Advantages of Using Restaurant Menu Boards:

  • The ability to change information several times a day
  • The item fits any interior
  • Custom design available
  • Durable construction
  • Your logo can be applied to the chalk menu boards
  • You can write with dry markers and soft children's chalk
  • Information can be changed within minutes
  • Chalkboard stands can be made in various shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Chalkboard stands can be with or without a frame

Buying restaurant menu boards is the right decision. Manufacturing restaurant menu boards, producing menu boards for bars and restaurants to custom sizes, takes 1 to 5 working days, depending on production workload.

Characteristics of Restaurant Menu Boards:

  • Standard chalkboard sizes:
    • 55x70 cm
    • 60x60 cm
    • 40x110 cm
    • 50x100 cm
    • 60x90 cm
    • 100x100 cm
    • 100x150 cm
    • 100x170 cm
  • Chalkboard panel thickness: 3.2 mm
  • Quality planed timber (pine, alder, ash, oak)
  • Yacht varnish + stain
  • Chalk
  • Chalkboard field color: black, brown, green
  • Chalkboard frame color: any
  • Chalkboard service life: 2-3 years
  • The package includes fasteners with a set of screws

Additional Services in the Production of Restaurant Menu Boards:

  • Metal chains with rings to hang chalkboard panels from the ceiling
  • Chalk holder, rags
  • Applying logos to any chalk products
  • Manufacturing chalkboard stands in various shapes (heart, coffee cup, beer mug, etc.)
  • Delivery within Kyiv starting from 35 UAH
  • Nationwide delivery with Nova Poshta, Autolux, Deliv?ri (delivery takes about a day to other cities)
  • Painting wooden frames with acrylic paints (any colors)

Buy cafe menu boards.

Manufacturing menu boards and chalkboard stands at low prices.

Production of restaurant menu boards. Manufacturing accessories for cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants. Buy chalkboard stands in Kyiv. Manufacturing menu boards and chalkboard stands quickly, with high quality and affordability!

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