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Restaurant Menu Boards

We specialize in producing advertising objects and surfaces. One of the most sought-after products in our catalog is restaurant menu boards. These versatile boards and stands can be used both at home and in commercial settings such as shops, cafes, and restaurants. Chalk surfaces are perfect for displaying advertisements and are also in demand in educational institutions. Writing and drawing on these boards is easy, and they are simple to maintain. We offer products from our own production and guarantee high durability.

Cafe Menu Boards

Establishments in the foodservice industry are our regular clients. More and more cafes and restaurants are opting to include cafe menu boards in their interior design. Some surfaces are used for permanent listings, such as menus. Other boards are used to inform visitors about promotions and other time-sensitive offers. Chalk works well on wooden surfaces, and the writing lasts for a long time. Additional advantages of such objects for cafes:

  • Attractive and sleek appearance ? fits perfectly in interiors designed in styles such as loft, classic, or modern.
  • Maximum simplicity of use ? staff members do not need special training to work with these advertising surfaces.
  • Reliability and durability ? with moderate humidity levels, wood can last for many years.

Cafe Menu Board on the Kitchen Wall

Another option for using chalkboard surfaces is in the kitchen of a food establishment or even in an ordinary home or apartment. The catalog includes surfaces of various sizes and shapes. These chalk inscriptions serve not only as informative objects for listing dishes or other necessary information but also as decorative interior elements. To apply images and text to wooden surfaces, you can use not only chalk but also water-based markers ? you'll find both in our catalog.

Using cafe menu boards in the kitchen streamlines the cooking process, helps plan the sequence of dishes, and keeps important information at your fingertips. It's a simple yet highly effective solution. Moreover, the prices for chalkboard writing at Shop Daddy Studio are among the best in the market, making the purchase financially beneficial.

Menu Boards for Bars and Pubs

In recent times, more and more bars and pubs are opening, offering not only alcoholic beverages but also cultivating a culture of consumption and competing with each other in the comfort and beauty of their interiors. Black chalkboards are actively used in such establishments. You can place a menu board inside the bar as well as outside ? in the former case, it will inform guests about new cocktails and prices, and in the latter, it will serve as an advertising object that attracts numerous visitors. Creative chalk inscriptions and drawings on the board can become part of your establishment's culture and help you stand out from competitors.

Buy Cafe Menu Boards for Restaurants

If you're interested in our chalkboards, we recommend carefully reviewing all the models presented on our website. They differ in shapes and sizes. At Shop Daddy Studio, we offer both classic black wall-mounted boards and A-frame stands. An original solution is holders for menu boards, which are becoming increasingly popular in cafes and restaurants. Our company manufactures cafe menu boards and guarantees their high quality. Additionally, you can always purchase markers of various colors from us.

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